Mechanical Engineering

We have extensive specialist expertise in the installation, maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment fitted to vessels, rigs, platforms or industrial sites. This ranges from complex power generation equipment to the simplest of pumps.

Our skilled operators work with our customers to diagnose faults and identify any replacement requirements. Our diverse range of capabilities enables us to deliver the complete life cycle of mechanical and hydraulic engineering solutions from project management through to design and development.

Pipework Manufacture and Installation:

We manufacture and install a range of pipework from simple copper pipes to complex stainless steel pipework systems.

Our pipework can be installed using heat free crimped systems of traditional hot work methods. We are able to provide welded pipe systems in steel, CuNi and stainless steel.

Pump and Valve Repair and Replacement:

We can specify and install pumps, valves, flowmeters and variable speed drives as required to allow for the control of pipework systems.

Engine Repair and Maintenance:

We provide repair and maintenance service for prime movers, including Vessel Diesel engines, Deck Winches, Product Pumps and Generators.